January 2010

Robert B. Parker (September 17, 1932-January 18, 2010)

Parker died last week at his

home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was 77. His wife stepped out for a class, and he was at his desk, writing. When she came back, she found him still at his desk, but no longer one of the living. I do feel very bad for her; it's a terrible loss and one that one doesn't ever really recover from. You just learn to go on. I've only lately come to admire Parker; a mere two years. But I've been reading all I can. I admit that I'm partial to the Spenser novels, as I've noted before. But I want to talk about one of the ways Parker has left a lasting mark, a legacy, that will go on, long after I'm gone. Parker was honest about the world and about people in ways that not any people are.