March 2010

"Rising Sun" by Michael Crichton (part 2)

 I imagine that someone who's much more interested in Japan, Japanese culture and Japanese-American relations than I am would find Rising Sun a veritable treasure chest (with a good old-fashioned crime story thrown in to make things spicy). The information (and bubbling paranoia) may be dated - the book was released in 1992 - so it might serve better as a historical snapshot than a finger on the pulse of Japanese-American relations. And at that, it works great. As a novel, however, it disappoints.

"Rising Sun" by Michael Crichton (part 1)

Michael Crichton's Rising Sun is a decent whodunnit buried under layers of explanations of Japanese culture, the differences between Japanese and American cultures, the usual technical details that go with novels like these, and a history of Japanese-American corporate espionage. It reads, in fact, less like a novel and more like Japan for American Dummies, with a backstory thrown in for exposition.